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Sunnybrae Cycles Service Rates

Regular Services:

As bike types, components, and client needs are so varied, a “pre-packaged service” approach to pricing does not fit our philosophy at Sunnybrae Cycles.  In general, a spring checkup will cost around $30, with a more comprehensive servicing around $75.  Need a complete “The Works” to get your bike ready for new riding adventures?  Pricing begins at $150, with the final quote depending upon a variety of facets including the type of bike being serviced, the type of parts requiring replacing, the initial state of parts being restored, and so forth.  Each of these quotes are offered as reference points: once the bike has been assessed, an accurate quote can be given.

At the time of delivery and inspection, a quote for the work being requested will be generated.  This quote will not be exceeded, barring extenuating circumstances such as in cases where the damage could not be evaluated without repairs being undertaken.  In cases where the original quote requires revision, you will be contacted to authorize the additional cost prior to the repair being undertaken.  We endeavour to complete all repairs at (or below) the quoted price, and in the timeframe stated to the best of our abilities.

Hourly Shop Rate:  $40

Special Services

Low-friction chain treatment:  $25 (includes ultrasonic cleaning)

Gear consultations:  Free

Basic bike fitting: $75

Free with bike purchase.  Includes saddle, reach adjustments and cleat placement with manual measurements, swapping of parts, and three months of followup for adjustments.

Advanced bike fitting: $200

Price prorated with bike and gear purchased.  Includes video analysis of riding position, multiple measurements including foot rotation and pedal stance, and three months of followup for adjustments.

Coaching Services: Contact Jorin directly to discuss options

Road cycling: fitness, competition, charity ride preparation

Triathlon: coaching, including run and bike legs, overall program.  (NOTE: a swim-specific coach is recommended)

Distance running: will work with sprinters, but favour 800m-10,000m competition preparation, road racing, marathons and fitness running