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Looking for us?

Physical address: 3915 Sunnybrae Canoe Point Road, Tappen, BC.  We are located just past Sunnybrae Bible Camp.

Phone: (306) 741-5601 (don’t let the SK prefix fool you)

Email: info <at>

A Family Experience

Sunnybrae Cycles is a family-based and run bicycle shop.  Combining a background in track and field competition with the coaching of runners, triathletes and cyclists, the founder of Sunnybrae Cycles is passionate to offer a wide range of services to enhance the customer’s complete cycling experience.  Besides standard sales and service, one can expect coaching advice, honest product reviews and suggestions, and specialized bike fittings to maximize the cycling experience for riders of all ages and experience levels.

Sunnybrae Cycles is a family business, and a few introductions are in order.

Left to right:

Katherine: likes to ride, but far more excited to be a bike mechanic.  She is in process of earning her Shimano certification.

Jorin: likes to ride, primarily road.  Shimano certified, with sales and service experience in addition to coaching and competition.

Dorothy: Office manager, book keeping, and shipping department.  Just like her old job of being a librarian.  Or at least sort of.

Michael: ride tester, human fork lift, and sales assistant.  He will also be learning the secret and dark art of accounting.

A Special Focus

While Sunnybrae Cycles welcomes riders of all style, experience, and age, we are particularly excited about:

  • Road cycling 
  • Charity rides
  • Outfitting families
  • Specialized bike fittings for people with injuries and other physical challenges