A bike shop for cyclists, by cyclists.

Whether your interest is in tackling the trails, flying downhill, enjoying the paved roads, racing or just cruising around, we have the products and expertise to make your cycling experience better.  Spring is here, and now is the time for servicing of a current bike, or acquiring a new set of wheels (with or without a new, matching frame) for the 2018 riding season.

If you are coming out to see us, we recommend that you contact us first to make sure the shop is manned.  We work as needed, and so are available for evening appointments, weekends, or mornings as a client’s schedule requires and our schedule allow.  Call (306) 741-5601 or (306) 582-7090 to book in a time to see us.  The shop is located alongside Sunnybrae Bible Camp.  Find us HERE.



The next Park Tool School event is planned for July 7, 2018 at the shop.  Please contact Jorin for details, and to reserve you spot today!  This is a great way to learn the basics of bicycle repair and upkeep in a safe place, with someone to help if you get into trouble.  Tools for the workshop are provided, and there is the opportunity to purchase your own at special school prices.

Drop a line to info <at> sunnybraecycles.com or call Jorin for more information at (306) 741-5601.

For a bit above and beyond:

A good bike fit makes riding better.  A great bike fitting makes riding better, faster, and excellenter (I don’t think that is a real word).  The BikeFit system requires a couple of hours with you and your bike, and will take into account things like your posture, flexibility, foot position, riding goals, and injury history.  We even shoot you with lasers!  (To track knee/foot positioning through your pedal stroke.)


A quality bike fitting, like one offered using the BikeFit system, will minimize riding discomfort, injuries, and make your riding faster and more enjoyable.  Contact us to book your appointment.